Your 1st and 2nd Visit

Patient Forms

Upon entering our office, our receptionist will welcome you as a member of our family. We will request that you complete our new patient intake paperwork (located in the New Patient Center) if you did not do so already. This paperwork provides us with your health history and information on your condition.


Next, you will have a consultation with Dr. Michael Lenarz or Dr. Aixa Santos to discuss your health-related problems, concerns, and potential treatment options. This initial visit allows us to learn more about you, your condition, and your expectations to determine how chiropractic care can help you meet your goals.


After your consultation, the doctor will perform a complete chiropractic examination to assess your neurological and orthopedic functioning. Your comfort during the examination is of utmost importance. We take care to explain each test and gain your consent prior to performing it, and we invite you to let us know if anything makes you uncomfortable.  

X-Ray Studies

In most cases, we take x-rays of the neck using state-of-the-art CBCT technology. This technology delivers a fraction of the radiation dosage of standard x-ray machines, while offering 3-dimensional images of the vertebrae and their respective positions. These images help us to custom-design an adjustment tailored to your specific misalignment pattern, as well as your treatment plan. Most people are amazed to see their X-rays up close and can often identify misalignments and other abnormalities themselves.

Your Second Visit

Report of Findings

After your first visit, the doctor will take some time to analyze the results of your assessment. On your second visit, the doctor will give you a detailed report of all findings and answer any questions, which commonly include:

  1. How can you help me?
  2. How often do I need to come in?
  3. What will my treatment  cost?

The doctor will discuss their recommendations with you as to the most suited treatment program, the frequency and duration of visits, and the fee structure. They will discuss with you the extent to which upper cervical chiropractic is likely to help, and whether your condition may require care with other providers.  


Following your Report of Findings, you will receive your first adjustment. The doctor will perform a Blair Upper Cervical adjustment, a specific, gentle adjustment of the upper neck using the palm of the hand, while you relax comfortably on a drop table. Following your adjustment, and any other treatment provided, you will rest in the clinic’s resting area for at least 20 minutes. A brief rest time following each cervical adjustment helps to ensure that the bones hold their proper alignment for as long as possible, so that you get better with less adjusting. To complete your second visit experience, the doctor will perform a brief re-examination following your rest.


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Reviews From Our Patients

  • "While I am a new patient, my first two visits have been amazing! He made me feel like a person, he listened (Truly listened) and I never felt like he was in a rush to get me out of the office onto his next patient. Looking forward to many more visits with the Doctor!"
    Jonathan R
  • "I was thoroughly evaluated and then had my spine adjusted. I felt instant relief."
    Susan J
  • "As always, Dr. Lennarz was able to easily put me back together. I came in with vertigo and left with almost zero symptoms. Yay!"
    Suzanne T