Massage by Nicole

Nicole Tilson, LMT

We experience the world through our bodies, yet rarely do we have the chance to simply relax and experience our bodies through compassionate touch.  As a patient of Dr. Lenarz, I understand that receiving bodywork, much like dealing with chronic pain, can be an emotional time, as the healing process brings about many changes that impact daily life.  I invite you to enjoy a session with me to find comfort, relief, escape, or a chance to simply notice your body.  My goal for every session is always to listen intently and to make space for what needs to occur. 

I attended DiscoveryPoint School of Massage in 2018 and simultaneously studied LomiLomi-inspired massage, and later studied Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Currently I am learning dynamic myofascial therapeutic techniques and pursuing an intra-oral certification. 

A typical massage from me generally includes long, relaxing, full-body strokes; broad, heavy pressure; myofascial work, and intuitive muscle-specific work.  I also can incorporate Thai stretches, cupping, passive movement, neuromuscular techniques, and gentle oscillation of joints and muscles.  I am constantly learning from my clients and I encourage you to guide me toward the massage techniques that will be most effective for you.  I strive to make each massage as unique as the individual I'm working with, and I sincerely look forward to working with you! 

Your massage can include one or more of the following, in any combination:

Relaxation Massage
Deep, broad, heel-to-head strokes are applied using a warm shea butter emollient and combined with fluid, passive movement for an ultra-relaxing full-body experience.

Myofascial Response
Fascial adhesions can delay the healing process, and you'll find this style of massage to be one of the most relaxing ways to treat them.  Because it takes intuition, patience and listening skills, not force, in order to guide a fascia to a relaxed state, myofascial response is perfect for treating sensitive areas and acute conditions.

An ancient healing art practiced throughout various cultures for a variety of reasons, Nicole mainly uses cups in her practice to apply reverse pressure to fascia.  Cups are useful when a fascial adhesion is stubborn, or is restricting a nerve pathway, making positive pressure on the area uncomfortable.  They are also a great self-care tool to have at home!

Breast Massage
Did you know that subluxation in the spine and rib cage can cause breast pain?  Did you know that bras inhibit the flow of lymphatic fluid, and can lead to the development of breast cancer?  There are many reasons breast massage can improve breast health, regardless of size or shape.  Nicole can provide specific massage treatment if you're experiencing breast pain or facing challenges with your breast health.  She can also incorporate breast massage into the flow of a full body, or upper body massage.  She will talk with you prior to your session about your specific need and preferences.  Your modesty and any emotional needs you have in this area will be treated with utmost sensitivity and respect. 

Thai Massage
If you stretch at yoga class or before and after your workout, receiving passive stretches in combination with massage is a whole different experience, and provides benefit to joints and muscles. 

Intra-oral (coming soon)
Nicole is currently working on an intra-oral certification to provide treatment for TMJ disorder, teeth grinding, and more.  Please inquire to let her know you're interested. 


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Reviews From Our Patients

  • "While I am a new patient, my first two visits have been amazing! He made me feel like a person, he listened (Truly listened) and I never felt like he was in a rush to get me out of the office onto his next patient. Looking forward to many more visits with the Doctor!"
    Jonathan R
  • "I was thoroughly evaluated and then had my spine adjusted. I felt instant relief."
    Susan J
  • "As always, Dr. Lennarz was able to easily put me back together. I came in with vertigo and left with almost zero symptoms. Yay!"
    Suzanne T