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Health Philosophy What?

Health Philosophy??

Chiropractic has a philosophy.  Who cares?

I have always thought that it is important to question my own beliefs.  My beliefs are my own construction:  This is how I choose to think about the world and my life – my personal philosophy.

Here’s how I see it: Whether we think about it much (or not) we all have our own constructs and beliefs about life and health; Our very own philosophy.  We frame the world we live in – through the tinted glass of how we CHOOSE to see the world.  For instance:  Maybe we like Donald Trump, because he addresses issues in the way we like – it fits our view of the world.  Maybe we don’t like Donald Trump because his behavior and policies are opposite of our world-view.  We each get to CHOOSE our beliefs, our view the world, our personal philosophy.  AND, our actions reflect our beliefs.

The same is true in regards how we look at health and health care.  Does our personal philosophy say to us, “My body is not very smart.  I am at risk from all sorts of things; like stress, germs, and the newest disease.” 

Or do we believe that our body is smart, perhaps vastly intelligent, and that it has it’s own inner strength.  Therefor, health is my natural state, and I can HEAL MYSELF of most things that might go wrong.

Chiropractic philosophy holds that at the very basis of life, there is a vast intelligence that creates and sustains life.  We call this “Innate Intelligence.”  This philosophy states that HEALTH is the result of Innate Intelligence expressing itself fully.  It says,” When Innate is fully expressed – we are fully realizing our potential for life and health.”  How would these differing beliefs reflect in our behavior?

If we have a philosophy that the body is NOT fundamentally intelligent and self-healing, we will tend to treat our illnesses and symptoms with drugs and surgery.  This is the OUTSIDE-IN approach to health.

If our personal philosophy says that the body is vastly intelligent – we might view a symptom as an intelligent response to some problem that the body is attempting to adapt to and heal.  Instead of seeking to treat symptoms with drugs or surgery, we would first seek to discover what is interfering with our natural expression of health.  This is the INSIDE-OUT approach to health.

Our philosophy determines our behavior.  Have you taken the time to question your beliefs about health and health care?

If you are interested in a more in-depth understanding of chiropractic philosophy, I teach a class four times a month on this subject:  The class occurs on the first and third Monday of each month in our Sedro-Woolley Clinic, and the first and third Tuesday of each month at our Seattle Clinic.

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