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Chiropractic, Traveling, Muses

Chiropractic, Traveling, Muses

This weekend I had the opportunity to travel from Seattle to the U.S. East Coast to take care of one (of my favorite) patients.  I declined.  But there is more to that story, which I will get to in a minute.

I am something of a nomad at heart.  I have spent considerable hours in airports, on jet airplanes, going through security, immigration border controls, and at the counters for those unfortunate souls that have missing luggage… I love to travel!

Over the last five years my trekking has increased dramatically as I began to take care of patients throughout the world. I have been to six of the seven continents – never made it yet to Antarctica.  From Britain, to Spain, from Morocco to Brisbane, with an occasional stop in Malaysia or Peru.  I travel with my great friend – my portable adjusting table.

I am often asked, where is my favorite place!?  Well it really is hard to say.  I really like Barcelona, with the Mediterranean, and the Gaudi’ park (park guell - https://www.parkguell.cat/en/ )  London, the city, it’s suburbs and villages, are both vibrant and quaint.  Kuala Lumpur is a bustling city.  I enjoy its sophistication and the cultural diversity.

Here is something that’s really important though.  I love taking care of patients.  There is something that is powerful and intangible about putting your hands on someone’s spine, and participating in transforming their experience from ill health and pain, to health and well being.  And I enjoy that tremendously!  Whether in my Seattle or Sedro-Woolley office, or in Buenos Aires.

So this weekend – I got to stay in Western Washington to take care of my patients here.  Next Saturday, after seeing patient in Sedro Woolley, I get to fly to the east coast to take care of my patient – who graciously was willing to wait for a week for my arrival.

Life is GRAND!


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