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How Chiropractors Work with Innate Intelligence

How Chiropractors Work with Innate Intelligence

Many people think that chiropractors are primarily back and joint doctors, but this is incorrect. Chiropractic works with the nervous system. Just as intelligent forces are holding the planets in orbit around the sun, Innate Intelligence uses the nervous system (the brain, spinal cord, and nerves) to organize the body into a complete unit. The nervous system is the body’s master control system and the biological incarnation of Innate Intelligence.

Your nervous system is a true evolutionary marvel. If you look at single-celled organisms, the control of chemical activities comes from environmental signals interacting with the membrane of the cell. But as organisms evolved from single cells to more complex forms, cells took on more specialized functions, becoming tissues and organs. Simple systems for communication
 between these specialized cells developed, mostly involving chemicals similar to hormones. And the last system to develop, evolutionarily speaking, was the nervous system. The nervous system is an extremely fast, extremely efficient means of sending important communication throughout the entire body. Most important, it connects the body with its ultimate controller and highest concentration of information: the brain.

The main connection from the brain to the rest of the body is the spinal cord. That is the primary pathway for the flow of Innate Intelligence. If the spinal cord is healthy and whole, Innate Intelligence can express itself freely; but if there’s any misalignment, impingement, or interference within that path, then the flow of Innate Intelligence is blocked. One of the most common forms of interference to the flow of Innate Intelligence comes from problems with the spinal cord and nerves— more specifically, with the joints of the bones, called vertebrae, that wrap around the spinal cord. The vertebrae protect the essential channel of nerve communication: the spinal cord.

But misuse, trauma, and wear and tear can cause them to misalign or malfunction, resulting in interference with the normal functioning of the spinal cord encased within them. The term for this impingement or interference is subluxation. As B. J. Palmer explained it:

“Chiropractic teaches that the life principle, or Innate Intelligence, intelligently selects and assembles chemical elements found in human anatomy; it builds organs of the body for certain purposes, and then controls and governs their function and activities by means of these mental impulses created in the brain and sent over nerves to every tissue cell in the body.

It is obvious that impairment of the brain or nerve tissue will interfere with the normal creation, transmission and expression of mental impulses, with the result that the cells which these nerves supply will not receive or express the proper command; will not coordinate or work in harmony with the rest of the organism, and then we have the condition of dis-ease, or lack of ease.”

 Chiropractors adjust the bones of the neck and back in order to remove interference with the expression of Innate Intelligence. When a vertebra becomes misaligned or joints become damaged, the nerves that run through them become “short-circuited,” and we begin to get choked off from our full expression of life. By removing subluxations, the chiropractic adjustment isn’t just making someone feel better; it is restoring our connection to all of life.

To read more about how chiropractors work with Innate Intelligence, pick up a copy of Dr. Lenarz’s book The Chiropractic Way, available on Amazon.


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