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Meditation: A Proven Means of Stress Reduction

If you want to take your relaxation further, I strongly recommend creating a regular time for meditation in your day.  Meditation is simply focusing the mind on one word, thought, breath, object, and so on, and letting all other distractions disappear. While earlier generations regarded meditation as something practiced only by Eastern mystics, nowadays it is almost part of the mainstream. Medical studies over the past thirty years have documented many different health benefits to regular meditation.

  •  Meditators live longer and report they experience a better quality of life than other people.

  • Meditators generally make less use of the health care system, simply because they are healthier.

  • When practiced regularly, meditation seems to reduce chronic pain in many patients.

  • Meditators report less anxiety. Long-term meditators tend to have stronger psychological coping mechanisms than average.

  • Meditation can produce a reduction of high blood pressure and in serum cholesterol levels.

  • Substance abusers are helped by regular meditation. Meditation has also been proven helpful in the treatment of post-traumatic
    stress syndrome in Vietnam veterans.

  • Meditation seems to help lower blood cortisol and adrenaline levels brought on by stress. The practiced meditator can achieve a reduction in heart rate, blood pressure, adrenaline levels, and skin temperature while meditating.

  • Meditation even seems to increase scores on some intelligence-related measuring systems.

Meditation fits very nicely within the philosophical basis of chiropractic. B. J. Palmer often referred to the value of “getting in touch with our Innate,” the Innate Intelligence that makes our bodies work and allows us to move, think, and feel. If there is indeed a vast wisdom that lies within us, something infinite, what value could that have in our lives? And
how can we get in touch with it? One of the simplest ways is through meditation.

To read more about meditation, check out Dr. Lenarz’s book The Chiropractic Way, available on Amazon.


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